Why Henderson is the Las Vegas Valley Address for Success

Nevada's tax environment (including corporate or personal income tax) makes it continually one of the most-business friendly states in the nation.

Henderson is becoming a hub for business in the Southwest, conveniently located between five major markets (Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego and San Francisco).

Known for its master-planned communities and high-quality of living, Henderson leads Nevada cities in income per capita and education levels of its residents. It was also named one of America's Safest Cities by Money magazine. Henderson is just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and 10 minutes from McCarran International Airport, the nation’s seventh busiest airport.

Henderson has been at the front of Nevada's growth spurt, growing from just 60,000 to more than 270,000 today. By the end of the year 2025, nearly 400,000 residents are expected to call Henderson home. Henderson's population would qualify it as the 14th largest city in the state of California, larger than such cities as Irvine, Glendale and San Bernardino.


Henderson’s growth captures national attention

Located adjacent to Las Vegas, Henderson made a name for itself in the 1990s as being the fastest-growing city in the nation.  In fact, Henderson - known for its master-planned communities and high-quality of living - has been at the front of Nevada’s growth spurt, growing from just 60,000 people in 1990 to currently over 270,000. That population would make Henderson the 14th largest city in the state of California - larger than such cities as Irvine, Glendale and San Bernardino and comparable to that of Chandler, Arizona.

In addition to its population of over a quarter of a million, approximately one million people live within a 25-minute commute shed of Henderson-area business parks.  Henderson covers over 100 square miles of the southeast Las Vegas valley. See the entire Henderson Economic and Demographic Overview here.

See the Henderson Demographic Snapshot here.

The future is brighter than ever

With a diversifying economy and a maturing population, the future for Henderson and the entire Southern Nevada market offers tremendous opportunity.

Henderson Population Projections:
2015 - 289,280
2020 - 330,495
Buildout - 491,481
Source: City of Henderson Community Development & Services, September 2014
*Build-out reflects the capacity within the existing corporate limits.

Age: In Henderson, 41.7% of the city’s population falls within the 25-54 year old age range.

Median Household Income: At $64,489, Henderson continues to have the highest median household income in the Las Vegas Valley (2009-2013 American Community Survey, 5-yr estimates).

Education: Henderson is presently home to 12 colleges and universities. In addition, Henderson has a higher percentage of high school and college graduates compared to other major incorporated cities in the Las Vegas MSA. For more information on the quality of education in Henderson, visit our Workforce page.


City Profile Comparison Henderson Las Vegas North Las Vegas Reno Phoenix Tucson
Retail Sales Tax Rate 8.15% 8.15% 8.15% 7.725% 8.3% 8.1%
State Personal Income Tax None None None None 2.59%-4.54% 2.59%-4.54%
Crime Rate/Score (38.16) 70.93 55.06 10.41 77.02 78.51
Educational Attainment – Pop. 25 years and over:
High School grad or higher 92.6% 83.0% 77.7% 85.8% 80.8% 84.2%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 30.7% 21.6% 15.2% 29.4% 26.5% 25.0%
Parks & Recreation Programs Accreditation YES No No No No Yes
Sources: Sales Tax Rate – Nevada Department of Taxation (Jan. 2016), City of Phoenix Tax Division (1/2014) State Personal Income Tax – Federation of Tax Administrators, State Individual Income Taxes (Tax Year 2014, as of Jan 2014) Crime Rate/Score – A score of “0.00” would reflect an average crime rate at the national rate in the six crime categories reviewed. A negative score, shown in parentheses, reflects an average rate below the national rate. A positive score reflects an average rate above the national rate. Source: CQ Press 2013 City Crime Rate Rankings.  Educational Attainment – (2009-2013 American Community Survey/US Census) Parks & Recreation - CAPRA Agency Accreditation (National Committee on Accreditation for Public Park and Recreation Agencies as of Sept. 2014), CAPRA recognizes park and recreation agencies for excellence in operations and of service.