2005 News Articles
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MERIN - largest surgical facility in Western U.S. (Winter 2005)
Not only is Southern Nevada's healthcare community evolving into a premier medical region in the southwest part of the nation, but with the establishment of the Henderson-based Medical Education & Research Institute of Nevada (MERIN), the area's positive medical reputation is beginning to grow worldwide. Learn More >>
InBusiness Las Vegas Henderson, A city in the right place and time.
(July 2005)
  For more than a decade, Henderson has been in the spotlight as one of the fastest growing cities in America. Learn More >>
InBusiness Las Vegas Henderson, Economic Development
(January 2005)
  Economic Development officials record banner year. Learn More >>
Nevada Business Journal Henderson Supplement (April 2005)
Not only is Henderson the state's second largest city, it has also become a premier place to do business as well as a stellar vacation destination. Learn More >>
Companies benefiting from having headquarters in Henderson
(Summer 2005)
When the median home price hit $1,000,000 in Santa Barbara, Calif., Brian Huse and his partners figured it was time to look elsewhere for their company to house its headquarters. Today, Arroweye Solutions has found a home in Henderson, Nev.  Learn More >>
California company finds success in move to Henderson (Summer 2005)
Nancy Munoz of Specialty Vehicles knows a thing or two about being a successful business person. In 1998, Munoz's Specialty Vehicles was the recipient of the 1998 World Trade Award given by the Los Angeles International Airport and the Los Angeles Port Authority. Two years later, Munoz received the International Business Woman of the Year Award given by the National Association of Women Business Owners.  Learn More >>
From East to West coasts, businesses are moving to Henderson, Nev. (Summer 2005)
Businesses from coast-to-coast are looking to take advantage of Southern Nevada's business-friendly climate and healthy economy by expanding to Henderson, Nevada. Whether it is Ford Credit expanding from the Midwest, IDC from New Jersey or Touro University from New York, Henderson has become a hotbed for national companies to lay down roots.  Learn More >>
Henderson: The business hub of the Southwest (Summer 2005)
Just look at any map of the southwestern part of the United States. Conveniently located between five major markets (Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego and San Francisco) is the Las Vegas Valley. And, conveniently located within the Southern Nevada valley is the booming city of Henderson.  Learn More >>
La Jolla's National University successfully expands to Henderson, Nev. (Summer 2005)
La Jolla, Calif.-based National University celebrated its expansion to Henderson, Nev., earlier this week with an open house of its new facility serving the Las Vegas valley. The expansion of the respected university signifies what many Southern California business leaders are beginning to learn: Henderson is a place for opportunity - particularly for California businesses that are looking to expand.  Learn More >>
Businesses benefiting from Southern Nevada's evolution into a medical region (Spring 2005)
The evolution of Southern Nevada into an emerging major medical region is helping to assure the continued growth of the area's economy for years to come. In the past five years alone, five hospitals have opened to serve the booming Las Vegas Valley population - which is rapidly approaching 1.6 million people - and two more hospitals are scheduled to open in the valley within the next two years.  Learn More >>
Economic development professionals make relocating to Henderson easy for businesses (Spring 2005)
So how does a city in Southern Nevada grow from less than 25,000 residents in 1980 to a projected 240,000 residents by the end of 2005? It starts with a lot of vision and the implementation of solid plans.  Learn More >>
Rankings, surveys combine to make Southern Nevada, Henderson a business magnet (Winter 2005)
If the business climate in Southern Nevada were a movie, it would be considered critically-acclaimed. They may not be the Golden Globe or Academy Awards, but report after report is recognizing the Las Vegas Valley - including the city of Henderson - as one of the top places for businesses to operate.  Learn More >>