Henderson offers the best of both worlds
While Henderson is just 15 minutes from the fabulous Las Vegas strip and all that it has to offer, the two cities can be worlds apartů if you want them to be. Throughout its phenomenal growth during the past two decades and its emergence as a hub for business in the Southwest, Henderson has been able to maintain its hometown feel.

Despite the massive influx of newcomers, recent surveys have found that most residents believe the city's high quality of life has been maintained or even bettered due to the growth.

"That's a tribute to the vision of the city's past and current leaders - both elected and in the private sector - as well as the City's staff members," said second-term city councilman Steve Kirk, a native of Henderson. "The vision that this city has had over the past three decades has been phenomenal."

But people aren't just attracted to Henderson to play and live, either. Many of them have work on their mind.

"We've gone from working hard to tout Henderson to now seeing everyone else tout Henderson," said Alice Martz, chief executive officer of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. "That's when you know the community has done something right."