Henderson has risen to prominence from meager beginnings
"From its meager beginnings, Henderson was always poised to become something new. It began as an industrial city, the only one in southern Nevada, and for almost four decades, industry remained a crucial feature of the community. In the past two decades, changing local, regional, and national economy and demography initiated a transformation. Henderson became physically larger, broader socially, demographically, and culturally."

"The unbelievable growth has spawned opportunities and challenges, but underpinning it all is the strong sense of community that is Henderson's most salient feature. Henderson has always been a community of people, diverse in character and strong in their belief in their little and then not-so-little town. They built with fervor and hope; they faced challenges, the direst of which never daunted them. The story of the people that faced such challenges and found ways to overcome them is the true story of Henderson and its remarkable success."

- Hal Rothman, from "An American Journey," the 2003 book chronicling the 50th anniversary of Henderson's incorporation.

For more information on the history of Henderson, please visit http://www.cityofhenderson.com/our_history/index.php