Taxes and Incentives

Doing business in Henderson is less taxing
With one of the lowest city property tax rates in the region and no state income tax, many new residents and businesses choose to relocate to Henderson each year.

The 2010 Kosmont-Rose Cost of Doing Business Survey rated Henderson as a very Low Cost City. The survey looks at six types of taxes including business license levies, property tax, sales tax and utility use taxes for over 400 cities nationwide.

The State Business Tax Climate Index for FY 2011, released by The Tax Foundation, ranked Nevada among the top 10 states with the most business-friendly tax systems.

Henderson's leadership prides itself on being recognized as a well-managed city - an example of its pro-business philosophy. The City of Henderson has the highest bond rating of any city in the state of Nevada. In addition, Henderson is the first city in the state to have a bond rating equal to Clark County (in which Henderson is located) and the state of Nevada.
"No" is a good word when it comes to taxes
The City of Henderson and/or the State of Nevada has none of the following taxes:

No Taxes:
Personal Income (1)
Bank Excise Measured by Income
Special Intangible
Sales Tax on Food
Bank Share Tax (2)
Chain Store

Note:  (1) In 1990, the voters of Nevada approved a constitutional amendment to prohibit the imposition of a personal income tax. (2) In 1986, voters of Nevada approved the repeal of the constitutional provision which provided for a bank share tax. Source: Nevada Taxpayers Association
Need more incentives?

Workers Compensation rates for the State of Nevada are drastically less than of those in California.

Because of the major market/trade shows in Las Vegas, being located in Henderson provides business leaders the opportunity to be in a convenient location to meet with and service customers.

Incentive programs are available for select companies to provide further "start-up" savings. (The City of Henderson's Economic Development Division representatives can help you identify if any of these programs may be available for your company.)

Henderson's easy access to McCarran International Airport (located just 10 minutes via freeway from Henderson) gives you access to low cost air rates (because of the popularity of Las Vegas) as well as superior flight availability.

As the business hub of the Southwest (Henderson is approximately a 40-minute flight or a four-hour drive from Los Angeles. It can be reached, by air, from Phoenix, Salt Lake City and San Diego in under an hour and from San Francisco in less than two), Henderson allows access to major business markets. Nearly 60 million people live in the states surrounding Henderson.

Businesses located in the Las Vegas valley enjoy tremendous shipping advantages. Many trucks come in to serve the hospitality market in Las Vegas and leave empty to return to their destination. Thus, shipping out of the Henderson/Las Vegas market is affordable.

The City of Henderson's Development Services Center is a multi-department development review team. For the convenience of our customers, we bring together employees from seven city departments into a coordinated plan review, inspection, and permit operation. For more information on how this service can assist you and your company, visit

Henderson has the lowest property tax rates among major incorporated cities in the state of Nevada. The following are the overlapping property tax rates for incorporated Nevada cities (100,000-plus population) for the fiscal year 2010-11: Henderson ($2.9045), Las Vegas ($3.2866), North Las Vegas ($3.3629) and Reno ($3.6463). Source: Nevada Department of Taxation, Property Rates for Nevada Local Governments - Fiscal Year 2010-11. Note: Total property tax rate shown is highest rate for entity.